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"As soon as I was introduced to M.O.M.I.E's TLC, I was embraced with an incredible amount of love, and was blown away by the joy and brilliance radiated off the children who are empowering with global knowledge and strong moral values. If we had more programs that reminded children as well as teachers to Think Good, Speak Good and Do Good before committing to an action, more after school programs that teach children multiple strategies for conflict resolution, and more programs that encourage children to celebrate and emulate the positive actions of leaders all over the world, this planet would be all the more beautiful. "

Emeley Payano, Safe Haven Summer Camp Counselor


"We truly appreciated the staff and their ability to provide a safe, educational, fun and caring space for our children in the summer. Our children were always excited about coming to M.O.M.I.E's summer camp. And most of all, the end of the summer performance was mind blowing!!


Safe Haven Summer Camp Parent




Safe Haven Summer Camp

The Safe Haven Summer Camp creates a "haven" during the summer where our children are constantly exposed to and participate in team-building sessions that promote cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution, and cultural awareness. Below is one example of a slogan our children recite.

No Justice! No Peace! No Justice! No Peace!

UP with HOPE, Down with DOPE!


M.O.M.I.E's TLC Slogan

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M.O.M.I.E's Innovative Learning Cis-Tem: The Safe Haven Summer Camp


The Safe Haven Summer Camp engages 35-40 children, ages 5 - 12, in a safe and nurturing learning environment where they are involved in day-long recreation, educational and artistic activities.  The Safe Haven Summer Camp offers unique opportunities not normally afforded to children at their homes or schools. The Program currently operates in our Ward 4 Program space, and runs for 6 weeks.

Program Highlights

The Safe Haven Summer Camp incorporates a unique blend of activities for children, and offers the following key components:

Culture-based Learning
We implement the Great Persons Series throughout the summer to offer innovative ways to make history fun and interesting through creative, hands-on activities.

Academic Development
We understand that the summer is a critical time to develop academic-readiness and reinforce core academic competencies. Everyday, children engage in age-appropriate skills-building sessions that focus on literacy and math.

Meditation and Leadership Development
Children continue to serve as "line leaders" and engage in daily meditation and reflection exercises throughout the summer. Children recite positive affirmations and slogans everyday as a way to develop confidence and camaraderie.


Field Trips and Community Enrichment
Throughout the summer, children visit museums, parks, performances, and other interesting cultural spaces in the metropolitan area. Oftentimes, field trips are directly linked to the Great Persons Series curriculum. In addition, M.O.M.I.E's consistently invites community members and artists to engage in special workshops in the areas of the creative arts, science, story-telling, and African drumming.

Sports and Recreation

Children engage in daily sports, fitness, or recreational activities throughout the summer, including going on swimming trips twice a week and participating in other sports sessions at local DC Parks and Recreation spaces.

To learn how to enroll your child in the 2009 Safe Haven Summer Camp, contact Chitra at or call (202) 545-1919.


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